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Dirk Puehl‘s Today’s Memory

Dirk Puehl‘s Today’s Memory

Dirk Puehl‘s Today’s Memory


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#onthisday, on December 5th and 6th, Krampus, a goat-like demon, walks the winter nights of Central Europe, sometimes alone and sometimes in packs.

Most picturesque customs we see today from hiding Easter baskets to dancing around May poles and decorating Christmas trees are usually perceived as quite time-honoured, but usually can be traced back only to the late Middle Ages at best. Most carry one trait or the other, though, that is positively ancient. The appearance of evil things that go bump in the long winter nights of Northern Europe might indeed be one of them. And while there are quite a few festivals of light celebrated before midwinter and various luminaries appear, such as St Nicholas or St Barbara, there is usually something darker that creeps alongside of them. Knecht Ruprecht or some other form of imp accompanies St Nicholas to punish those who were naughty and not good for goodness sake. One chained devil, according to legend bound with the fetters that once held St Paul, is quite tolerable, but the Catholic regions along the Alps in Central Europe usually boast literal flocks of demons, while the frugal Protestants in the North usually have to make do with a single specimen.

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