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Paulo Cruz‘ Today’s Memory

Paulo Cruz‘ Today’s Memory

Paulo Cruz‘ Today’s Memory

Marcus Tullius Cicero assassinated

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December 7, 43 B.C.

And Cicero, perceiving Herennius running in the walks, commanded his servants to set down the litter; and stroking his chin, as he used to do, with his left hand, he looked steadfastly upon his murderers, his person covered with dust, his beard and hair untrimmed, and his face worn with his troubles. So that the greatest part of those that stood by covered their faces whilst Herennius slew him. And thus was he murdered, stretching forth his neck out of the litter, being now in his sixty-fourth year. Herennius cut off his head, and, by Antony’s command, his hands also, by which his Philippics were written; for so Cicero styled those orations he wrote against Antony, and so they are called to this day.Plutarch: Cicero’s death (translation by John Dryden)

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