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Simona AN‘s Today’s Memory

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Marie Walewska’s birthday

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I saw no one but you, I admired no one but you, I want no one but you! written by Napoleon Bonaparte to Marie Walewska after their first meeting

When you have ceased to love me, remember that I love you still. Marie Walewska, inscribed on a locket to Napoleon with a lock of her hair

Marie Walewska

December 7, 1786 – December 11, 1817

Imagine you are a beautiful blonde noblewoman from an aristocratic but impoverished family. You are married to a much older man to further your family’s ambitions. You capture the notice of one of the greatest men the world has ever known who presses his attentions on you, much to your dismay. Your friends tell you that you are your country’s greatest hope. What do you do?

Maria Countess Walewska was a Polish noblewoman and a lover of Emperor Napoleon I.

There are a lot of beautiful stories and movies of their love…

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