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Grand Comics Database‘s Today’s Memory

Grand Comics Database‘s Today’s Memory

E. C. Segar’s birthday

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E.C. Segar (Elzie Crisler Segar, 8 December 1894 – 13 October 1938, USA) is widely regarded as having been one of the most influential and talented cartoonists of all time, among the first to combine humor with long-running adventures.

Around age 20, he moved to Chicago and met Richard F. Outcault (creator of “The Yellow Kid”), who introduced him to the Chicago Herald. On 12 March 1916, the Herald published his first strip, “Charlie Chaplin’s Comedy Capers”. He published in Chicago through 1919, and then moved to New York City.

There, Segar went to work for King Features Syndicate. His most famous strip, “Thimble Theatre”, began in the New York Journal on 19 December 1919. Its lead characters were Olive Oyl, Castor Oyl, and Ham Gravy.

Nine years into the “Thimble Theatre” strip, he introduced a sailor named Popeye in the 17 January 1929 installment. Popeye soon took over the storyline and became the main character, and is now a global pop-culture icon.

In 1971, the National Cartoonists Society created the Elzie Segar Award for outstanding contributions to the profession, which was awarded by NCS and then by King Features until 1999.

Segar died of leukemia at age 43.

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