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Dirk Puehl‘s Today’s Memory

Dirk Puehl‘s Today’s Memory

Dirk Puehl‘s Today’s Memory

Rudyard Kipling’s birthday

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30 December 1865, #onthisday the short-story writer, poet and novelist Rudyard Kipling was born in Mumbai (Bombay).

“There will always be plenty in Kipling that I will find difficult to forgive; but there is also enough truth in these stories to make them impossible to ignore.”—Salman Rushdie

When the Widow of Windsor died in 1901 an era ended and things would never be the same again. A sentiment not only developed by historians in hindsight, but already felt by the contemporaries. Accordingly, art historians and literary scholars mark the year as the beginning of Classic Modernism, even though authors expressed themselves at least since the Romantic era under the auspices of the apparently new epoch, with a fragmented world view, changes of narrative perspective and especially the heavy focus on things psychological, insights and perceptions, up to re-telling a stream of consciousness, the transient, the fleeting, the contingent, as Baudelaire put it already in 1862. Nevertheless, a traditional approach on telling a story, eloquent and captivating but without experimental embellishment, was still cherished and writers like Wells, Conrad and Kipling continued the success they had during the last years of the 19th century, but few achieved a literary depth as Kipling without neglecting the story itself.

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Depicted below is John Collier’s (1850 – 1934) portrait of Rudyard Kipling (1891)

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