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Saint Knut’s Day

Saint Knut's Day

Saint Knut’s Day

January 13

Originally shared by Michael Langfitt

Fun Fact of the Day

In Sweden, they have a Christmas celebration called Jul. It starts on Saint Lucy’s Day on December 13th with a feast, and ends on Saint Knut’s Day, where the Christmas tree is taken down and the candies and cookies decorating the tree are eaten. During Jul, the exchanging of gifts takes place on December 24th instead of December 25th. Instead of Santa coming down the chimney to deliver presents while the household is asleep, Jultomten, a combination of Tomte (think a tiny Scandinavian elf vigilante trickster) and Santa Claus, arrives at the door to give gifts in person, which is usually preformed by an elderly man secretly dressed as Jultomten.

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