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Carl Weathers’ birthday

Carl Weathers’ birthday

Carl Weathers’ birthday


Rocky II Rocky Balboa Vs Apollo Creed

Originally shared by Kenneth Johnson

January 14th Birthday Spotlight: Carl Weathers @TheCarlWeathers is currently demonstrating his remarkable talent in the „Chicago Fire”, „Chicago PD”, and „Chicago Justice” series, and he has graced many productions, but his amazing performance as „Apollo Creed” in the „Rocky” movies shows his spirit, courage, and his terrific range, and remains a fan favorite. In addition, he is a wonderful man full of warmth, wit, and generosity.

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  1. Celebration, Excellent Actor known for staying in excellent shape,probably why Stallone chose him as his adversary in Rocky Also why he joined the cast of the original Predators,back in those days Weather’s would not stay at any hotel that weren’t furnished with a weight room!

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