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Henk Badings

Henk Badings

Henk Badings

January 17, 1907, Bandung, Java, Dutch East Indies – June 26, 1987, Maarheeze

Henk Badings was a Dutch composer, best known for his music featuring electronic sounds and the compositional use of tape recorders.

Born to Dutch parents, Badings was orphaned and went from Java to the Netherlands in 1915. He later studied composition (1930–1931) . After composing in nearly all traditional genres, he began in the 1950s to attract international attention for his electronic music and his pioneering work with tape recording. His later style was exemplified in such works as his radio operas of this period, notably Orestes (1954). Many of his works used electronic sounds in combination with conventional instruments. Badings was director (1941–1945) of the Royal Conservatory at The Hague.

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