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Gerry Alanguilan’s birthday

Gerry Alanguilan’s birthday

Gerry Alanguilan’s birthday

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Gerry Alanguilan (born 20 January 1968, The Philippines) was a young architect when he was inspired by fellow Filipino artist Whilce Portacio’s work on “The X-Men” to turn to comics art in 1992. He self-published his first work, “Wasted”, from 1994 to 1996. He also published in magazines such as “Johnny Balbona” and “Timawa”.

In the mid-1990s, he was hired by Portacio himself for a new studio producing comics for the USA market. Alanguilan has inked covers and stories for Image, Marvel, DC Comics, and other publishers.

He has worked on series such as “Wetworks”, “Superman: Birthright”, and “Fantastic Four”.

He is best known in Asia by his stage name ‘Komikero’.

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(Leinel Francis Yu penciled and Alanguilan inked this variant cover of “Miracleman” #1, March 2014.)

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