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Harold Gray’s birthday

Harold Gray’s birthday

Harold Gray’s birthday

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Harold Gray (20 January 1894 – 9 May 1968, USA) was an early newspaper strip cartoonist, best known as the creator of ‘Little Orphan Annie’, which he worked on for 45 years. He is considered the first USA cartoonist to express a political philosophy in a story strip.

‘Annie’ began in 1924 and became popular for its morality plays and plucky survivors. Gray refined his art and his storytelling and in the 1930s he was producing stories about the harm the New Deal was doing to the country.

Over the decades, Gray expressed a clear and deeply conservative view on topics from Communism to juvenile delinquency. ‘Annie’ has been adapted to radio plays, the 1977 stage play, and films, and remains popular.

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(Gray drew the art on the cover of “Little Orphan Annie” #[1], June 1926.)

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  1. Celebration, my Mothers favorite newspaper cartoon,Henry being a very close 2nd!

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