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The first pocket watch

The first pocket watch

The first pocket watch

Originally shared by Paulo Cruz

” Between 1550 and 1600 Protestant refugees from Italy, Lorraine, Flanders, and France introduced the pocket watch in Geneva, which was made by mechanics and goldsmiths who had lost much work because of Calvinism-inspired regulations against luxury goods and the ban on gilded altars, statues, and sacred vessels in houses of worship (…) In 1601 the Maîtrise des Horlogers de Genève ¹, the Master Group of the Watchmakers of Geneva, perhaps the first guild of its kind, was formed. ” ²

¹) ’20 janvier 1601 Création de la corporation des horlogers de Genève, première du genre en Suisse.’ Cinq dates qui ont changé la Suisse

²) Historical Dictionary of Switzerland by Leo Schelbert

³) on picture: Histoire de l’horlogerie


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  1. What beautiful workmanship!

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