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Marshall Rogers’ birthday

Marshall Rogers’ birthday

Marshall Rogers’ birthday

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Marshall Rogers (22 January 1950 – 24 March 2007, USA) was a comic-book artist.

His drew a highly-praised run on ‘Batman’ with writer Steve Englehart (DC, 1977–1978), known in the collected edition as “Batman: Strange Apparitions”.

He also created a “Madame Xanadu” one-shot (1981) and the “Batman: Dark Detective” mini-series (2005) with Englehart at DC.

At Eclipse Comics, he and writer Don McGregor published one of the first original graphic novels, “Detectives, Inc.” (1980). He and Englehart teamed again on ‘Coyote’ in “Eclipse Magazine” (1981–1983) and “Scorpio Rose” (1983). And he published his quirky personal creation “Cap’n Quick an’ a Foozle” at Eclipse in 1984.

Rogers was nominated for Eagle Awards in 1978 and 1979 and received a 1979 Inkpot Award at San Diego.

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(Rogers penciled and Eric Powell inked the cover of “Marvel Westerns: Strange Westerns Starring the Black Rider” #1, October 2006.)

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