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23 Ianuarie în istoria României

23 Ianuarie în istoria României

23 Ianuarie în istoria României

Wallachian uprising debut

January 23, 1821

Tudor Vladimirescu addressed a proclamation to inhabitants of Wallachia, calling for struggle against the boyars. It was the onset of Wallachian uprising of 1821 and sent a letter to the Ottoman Court of Mahmud II, stating that his objective was not the rejection of Ottoman rule, but that of the Phanariote regime, and showing his willingness for preservation of the traditional institutions.

Tudor Vladimirescu was already in negotiations with the Greek Anti-Ottoman revolutionary society Philikí Etaireía. Together, they produced a plan for insurrection, with the two Eterist representatives (Giorgakis Olympios and Ioan Farmache) assuring the Wallachians of Russian support for the common cause. It is apparent that Tudor was not himself a member of the Etaireía: the rigid command structure of the Brotherhood would have excluded the need for any negotiations.

After fortifying monasteries in Oltenia (Tismana, Strehaia) that were to serve him in the event of Ottoman intervention, Tudor travelled to Padeș where he issued his first proclamation (January 23). It included references to Enlightenment principles (notably, the right to resist oppression), but was also an almost millenarianist appeal to peasants, promising a „spring” to follow „winter”…

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