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Jean-Baptiste Pigalle

Jean-Baptiste Pigalle

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Jean-Baptiste Pigalle

January 26, 1714, Paris – August 20, 1785, Paris

Jean-Baptiste Pigalle was a French sculptor noted for his stylistically varied and original works, one of the most popular of his day.

His most famous work is the statue Mercury Attaching His Wings (1744), a classicizing work conveying qualities of both graceful ease and youthful vitality.

Pigalle was made a member of the Royal Academy in 1744 and was appointed a professor at the Royal Academy in 1752.

He created allegorical figure groups such as Love and Friendship (1758), or smaller, decorative, sentimental studies of children done in a Rococo style, such as the Child with a Bird Cage (1750). Stylistically, Pigalle had difficulty combining his naturalistic tendencies with the conventional classicizing formulas of the time, but his sculptures almost always show qualities of daring, inventiveness, and charm.

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