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Abdus Salam’s birthday

Abdus Salam’s birthday

Abdus Salam’s birthday

Nobel Prize laureate

Originally shared by International Atomic Energy Agency

Today we celebrate the anniversary of Mohammad Abdus Salam’s birth 91 years ago! He was one of the most influential theoretical physicists of the 20th century and the first Pakistani Nobel laureate in science.

Abdus Salam’s doctoral thesis on theory in quantum fields earned him international fame for its comprehensive and fundamental exploration of quantum electrodynamics. This fed into his work in the 1960s when he devised the electroweak theory on unifying two of the four known forces of nature: electromagnetic force and weak nuclear force. He hypothesized that weak force was transmitted by carrier particles — charged W and neutral Z bosons. Experiments conducted in the 1970s substantiated his theory, marking his work as an important contribution to Einstein’s dream of unified forces. This work subsequently earned Abdus Salam — along with two others who had reached similar conclusions — the Nobel Prize in Physics in 1979.

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