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Jeph Loeb’s birthday

Jeph Loeb's birthday

Jeph Loeb’s birthday

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Jeph Loeb (Joseph Loeb III, born 29 January 1958, USA) is a writer who has worked in film and television and in comics.

His film career began in the mid-1980s in collaboration with Matthew Weisman with “Teen Wolf” and other films. He has written for television series from “Smallville” (2002–2005) to “Gotham” (2016).

He often works with artist Tim Sale in comics, from “Challengers of the Unknown Must Die” (DC, 1991) to “Daredevil: Yellow” (Marvel 2002).

From 2005, he has written comics exclusively at Marvel and in 2010, he became an Executive Vice President in charge of the new Marvel Television division.

Loeb has received four Eisner Awards for Batman books and two nominations for “Superman for All Seasons”.

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(Tim Sale drew the cover of “Challengers of the Unknown Must Die”, 2004.)

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