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Charles Martin Loeffler’s birthday

Charles Martin Loeffler’s birthday

Charles Martin Loeffler’s birthday

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Charles Martin Loeffler

January 30, 1861, Schöneberg, Berlin – May 19, 1935, Medfield, USA

Charles Martin Loeffler was a German-born American violinist and composer whose works are distinguished by a poetic lyricism in an Impressionist style.

As a youth, Loeffler studied violin and music theory in Berlin and Paris. He went to the United States in 1881 and joined the Boston Symphony Orchestra as a violinist the following year.

Although he resigned in 1903 to devote himself to composition, he maintained his relationship with the Boston Symphony, and almost all of his symphonic works were first performed by that orchestra.

Loeffler was a fastidious composer who composed carefully, frequently revising his compositions.

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