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Grant Morrison’s birthday

Grant Morrison’s birthday

Grant Morrison’s birthday

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Grant Morrison (born 31 January 1960, UK) is a Scottish comic book writer, playwright, and musician.

His first strips were published in British undergrounds. He gained prominence with “Animal Man”, a revision of an obscure 1960s character which he had proposed to DC Comics.

He wrote the title from 1988 to 1990, placing him with Alan Moore, Neil Gaiman, Peter Milligan, and Jamie Delano in the Lads’ Invasion of British writers into USA comics.

Morrison continued to reinvent existing characters — ‘Dan Dare’ in “Revolver” (Fleetway, 1990), “Kid Eternity” (DC/Vertigo, 1991), ‘Justice League of America’ in “JLA” (DC, 1997–2000), ‘The X-Men’ in “New X-Men” (Marvel, 2001–2004).

He helped define new characters and back-story throughout the DC Universe comics in the mid-2000s. He was a writer on “52” (2006–2007), the weekly series whose name gave this particular DC continuity its name, and “Final Crisis” (2008–2009).

Other series he has worked on include “All Star Superman” (2006–2008), “Batman and Robin” (2009–2011), and “Multiversity” (2014–2015).

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(Phil Jimenez created this variant cover of “The Multiversity Guidebook” #1, March 2015.)

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