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Grenada Independence Day

Grenada Independence Day

Grenada Independence Day

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Feb 7, Grenada: Independence Day

Independence Day is a public holiday in Grenada. It is Grenada’s National Day.

Grenada had been occupied by various European nations since the start colonisation of the new world in the sixteenth century. In 1649, France took full control of the island becoming on of the wealthiest colonies due to it sugar production.

Following French defeat in the Seven Years’ war, the Paris of Treaty ceded Grenada to Great Britain in 1763. Having overcome a brief rebellion by pro-French forces, Grenada remained a British colony for over two hundred years.

Movements toward independence had begun in the 1950’s and in March 1967, Grenada became an Associated State and was granted full autonomy over its internal affairs.

Independence from the United Kingdom was granted on 7 February 1974. Eric Gairy became the first Prime Minister of Grenada.


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