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The bonfire of the vanities

The bonfire of the vanities

The bonfire of the vanities


„The larger aim of the first Bonfire of the Vanities was not just to rid Florence of lascivious objects, but also to challenge the tradition of Carnival, when it was customary to wear masks and eat, drink, and commit lewd acts.” „Certains artistes participent de leur propre chef à la fête. C’est le cas de l’illustre Botticelli, ancien protégé de Laurent le Magnifique, qui jette lui-même dans le brasier certaines de ses toiles d’inspiration mythologique ! Un tel comportement n’est pas sans rappeler les intellectuels du XXe siècle convertis à l’idéologie communiste… ”

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„Savonarola had predicted that a new Cyrus would cross Italy to reestablish order, and the impressive entry of Charles VIII’s army into Tuscany in 1494 seemed to confirm his prophecy […] Savonarola became the leader of the city […On February 7th, 1497, He] and his followers held a Bonfire of Vanities. His groups of boys were sent from door to door collecting all kinds of objects […] Outstanding Renaissance artworks were lost […]” #Fanaticism in Psychoanalysis: Upheavals in the Psychoanalytic Institutions, Manuela Utrilla Robles

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