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Bruce Timm’s birthday

Bruce Timm’s birthday

Bruce Timm’s birthday

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Bruce Timm (born 8 February 1961, USA) is an artist, character designer, and writer in animation and comic books. His career began in the early 1980s at Filmation.

In the 1980s, he drew small “Masters of the Universe” comics for Mattel that were packaged with the action figures. He did a lot of coloring for Malibu and First Comics, primarily covers.

He is widely known for his work on the DC Comics television series and movies since the 1990s, called the ‘DC Comics Animated Universe’ and even the ‘Trimmverse’ due to his ubiquitous character designs.

Timm and Paul Dini created ‘Harley Quinn’ for the television shows in 1992 and she appeared in “The Batman Adventures” comic book the next year.

In 1994, Timm himself debuted in the comic-book version of the Animated Universe in a one-shot with Dini, “The Batman Adventures: Mad Love”. The pair also created the “Harley and Ivy” mini-series, in 2004, among other comics projects by Timm.

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(Timm created the cover of “Adventures of the Mask” #1, January 1996.)

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