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Maria Cebotari’s birthday

Maria Cebotari’s birthday

Maria Cebotari’s birthday

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Maria Cebotari

February 10, 1910, Chişinău – June 9, 1949

Maria Cebotari was a celebrated Romanian soprano and actress born in Bassarabia, Russian Empire (now Republic of Moldova), who made her career in Germany & Austria.

Cebotari had an extremely versatile voice, and her repertoire covered coloratura, soubrette, lyric and dramatic roles. She concentrated on four composers – Mozart, Richard Strauss, Verdi, Puccini. Richard Strauss described her as the best all-rounder on the European stage, and she is never late and she never cancels. Herbert von Karajan, during a BBC interview decades after her death, said she was the greatest Madame Butterfly he had ever conducted.

Beside her successful career at the opera houses, Cebotari appeared in several films related to operas.

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Richard Strauss – Salome Ah! Du wolltest mich nicht deinen Mund küssen lassen!

Berliner Rundfunk-Sinfonieorchester, Conductor Artur Rother, 1941

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