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Robert Velter’s birthday

Robert Velter’s birthday

Robert Velter’s birthday

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‘Rob-Vel’ was a pen-name of Robert Velter (9 February 1909 – 27 April 1991, France), a comics artist who also used ‘Bozz’. He is best known as the creator of the famous bellboy ‘Spirou’ in “Le Journal de Spirou”.

He assisted Martin Banner on the ‘Winnie Winkle’ newspaper strip (1934–1936) while living in New York City. Back in Paris in 1937, he and his wife Blanche Dumoulin (who wrote most of the stories he drew) created the title character for the new comics magazine “Le Journal de Toto”.

In 1938, he created ‘Spirou’, which became his best-known work. He also drew other series and various illustrations in “Le Journal de Spirou” and he was assisted by Luc Lafnet as well as Dumoulin.

During World War II, Dumoulin and others assistants produced ‘Spirou’ after Velter was mobilized. By 1940, it was difficult to send pages from Paris to Marcinelle so Jijé (Joseph Gillain) took the strip over for the duration.

After the war, he continued to work in comics. His strip ‘M. Subito’ was distributed by Opera Mundi (1949–1969). He published in “Pierrot”, “Le Journal de Bébé-Poucet”, “Bravo!”, and other magazines and returned to ‘Spirou’ in 1970 for a special anniversary story.

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(Rob-Vel created the cover of “Spirou” #4016, 1 April 2015.)

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