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Carmen Miranda’s birthday

February 9, 1909

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Carmen Miranda’s 108th Birthday

9th February 2017 @ Google in 16 countries (see below)

Carmen Miranda is a rare example of a triple threat: talented at acting, singing, and dancing. Born in Portugal and raised in Brazil, Miranda took to the performing arts at a young age. Her father’s love of opera and her mother’s support led her to pursue a career in show business. Inspired by baianas, Afro-Brazilian fruit vendors, Miranda donned a „fruit hat” when she performed. It would become her signature as her star soared, first in Brazil and then, worldwide.

Miranda’s big break happened following her performance at the National Institute of Music. She landed an audition at a recording studio where she was immediately signed to put out a single. Miranda’s first album was released in 1929, and was immensely popular among Brazilians. Her performing style helped samba gain respect and a place in the Brazilian (and later, the world) spotlight.

By the time she moved to the United States in 1939, Miranda was a national star in Brazil and had the power to ensure her band could travel with her. Hollywood’s famous Garuman’s Chinese Theatre invited her to leave her hand prints in the cement in 1941, the first Latin American to do so.

Today, we celebrate Carmen Miranda on what would be her 108th birthday.

Doodle by Sophie Diao

Country list: Argentina, Brazil, Chile, Cuba, Greece, Hungary, Ireland, Kazakhstan, Lithuania, Peru, Portugal, Russia, Serbia, South Korea, United Kingdom, Uruguay

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