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Carl Thomas Anderson’s birthday

Carl Thomas Anderson’s birthday

Carl Thomas Anderson’s birthday

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Carl Anderson (14 February 1865 – 4 November 1948, USA) was an early cartoonist who created ‘Henry’, the bald-headed boy who never speaks.

After a peripatetic career as a cabinetmaker, he studied art and in 1894 he became a newspaper illustrator. Over the next decade, he sold strips to various New York City papers but none were very successful.

Anderson continued to freelance for magazines such as “Life” and “Puck”. In 1930, however, he left New York City and returned home to Madison, Wisconsin.

In 1933, when he was 68 years old, Anderson sold the first ‘Henry’ cartoon to the “Saturday Evening Post”.

It became a weekly feature and the next year it was picked up by King Features Syndicate. (‘Henry’ was replaced in the “Post” by the new cartoon ‘Little Lulu’.)

‘Henry’ was very successful, and Anderson continued to work on it until his death. The newspaper feature was continued until the mid-1990s, primarily by Don Trachte and John Liney.

Anderson’s work on the ‘Henry’ syndicated feature appeared in comic books from 1936 to 1949 in anthologies of King Features reprints, primarily “King Comics”.

(Dell published “Henry” comics with new material, but they were not drawn by Anderson.)

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(Anderson created the cover cartoon on “Henry” #1, 1935.)

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