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Guido Scala’s birthday

Guido Scala’s birthday

Guido Scala’s birthday

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Guido Scala (14 February 1936 – 6 January 2001, Italy) began his comics career in 1950 at Alpe and Bianconi, working with Luciano Bottaro. In the late 1950s, he lived in Sydney, Australia, and created a strip there.

Back home in the 1960s, he published stories for established features and created his own, such as ‘Petruska’.

From 1962, he began working on Disney comics. Over his 35 years on their features, he became one of the most famous Disney artists in Italy.

Scala started with a focus on ‘Mickey Mouse’ stories and soon also wrote Duck-family stories. He was particularly known for stories based on famous literary works by the likes of Jonathan Swift and Ernest Hemingway.

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(Nils Rydahl created the cover of “Donald Duck & Co” #28/1971, 6 July 1971, which reprints a story by Scala from “Topolino”.)

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