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Deep Purple’s eighth album Burn

Deep Purple’s eighth album Burn

Deep Purple’s eighth album Burn

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Burn is the #eighth #studio #album by Deep Purple, released on February 15, 1974. This was the #first Deep Purple album to feature then-unknown David Coverdale on #vocals and Glenn Hughes from Trapeze on #bass and #vocals.

The album was recorded in Montreux, Switzerland, in November 1973 with the Rolling Stones Mobile Studio. With the addition of Coverdale and Hughes, Purple’s hard rock sound became more boogie oriented, incorporating elements of soul and funk which would become much more prominent on the follow-up album, Stormbringer.

Glenn Hughes participated in song-writing, but wasn’t given credit due to unexpired contractual obligations. However, the 30th anniversary edition of the album included Hughes in the credits for all the tracks except „Sail Away”, „Mistreated”, „‘A’ 200” and the bonus track „Coronarias Redig”.

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