Today's Memory

Today’s photography

Today's photography

Today’s photography

February 18

Originally shared by Lucille Galleli

Even on your worst day… you are beautiful!

#BuggyFriday *** curated by Ray Bilcliff , Dorothy Pugh, Victoria Etna and Sherry McBriar

#ColorsOnFriday ColorsOnFriday curated by Karsten Meyer and Britta Rogge

#floralfriday FloralFriday curated by Tamara Pruessner

#allthingsorange AllThingsOrange curated by Nina Piccoli , Kenneth Williams and Lauren Kelly

#AllThingsRed AllThingsRed curated by Liz C

#close2home Close2Home curated by Brett Sivits, David Pond, Pia Raben, Shaun Stewart, José Juan Escudero, Howard Weitzel and john adams

#dailydepthoffield Daily Depth Of Field curated by Vince Ong Nuraini Ghaifullah Virgil Cowen and f.a. fiebig

#hqspflowers HQSP Flowers curated by Kawthar A, ***, Melania Pierce, Kanlaya Chungsangornpornsuk, and Wayne Lu

#hqspmacro HQSP Macro curated by Terrie Gray, Robert Vierthaler, Albert Vuvu Konde, and Stefanie Schächtel

#Macro4All Macro4All curated by Bill Urwin, Thomas Kirchen and Walter Soestbergen

#The Magic of Light *** curated by Ray Bilcliff, Hamid Dastmalchi and Paul Stein

#todaysmemory Today’s Memory curated by Simona AN

#YellowCircle *** curated by Brian Dukes

#yisforyellow YisforYellow curated by Lucille Galleli

#BTPMacroPro – BTP Macro Pro . founded by Rinus Bakker , owned by Nancy Dempsey ,curated by Kenny Jones

#BTPFlowerPro – BTP Flower Pro founded by Rinus Bakker , owned by Nancy Dempsey , curated by Иванка Гущерова and Walli Werner

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