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Day of Heavenly Hundred Heroes

Day of Heavenly Hundred Heroes

Day of Heavenly Hundred Heroes


Ukrainians mark Day of Heavenly Hundred Heroes

Originally shared by Oksana Szulhan

February 18activists march on the Verkhovna Rada; initial clashes in Mariyinsky Park and Shovkovychna and Lypska Streets; Berkut troops advance towards Maidan Nezalezhnosti; opposition leaders meeting with Yanukovych.

February 19 – Yanukovych government readies for power struggle; SBU launches an ‘ anti-terrorist ‘ operation; protestors and activists arrive from all corners of Ukraine; Yanukovych meets again with opposition leaders_.

February 20 – Euromaidan protesters march on riot police with shields and Molotov cocktails and force them to retreat, thus regaining control of Maidan Nezalezhnosti; Radosław Sikorski of Poland, Laurent Fabius of France, and Frank-Walter Steinmeier of Germany meet with Yanukovych; Verkhovna Rada convenes for an emergency sitting, but the Party of Regions does not take part; bloodiest day of the clashes with at least 21 protesters killed_.

February 21 – Many members of the Party of Regions and their families flee Kyiv; compromise deal called 21 February Agreement reached with opposition parties after hours of negotiations ; Euromaidan activists, Pravy Sektor and Automaidan refuse the agreement and call for Yanukovych’s resignation; hundreds of riot police officers guarding the presidential compound and nearby government buildings vanish; Euromaidan self-defence units peacefully gain control over central Kyiv and its government buildings; military stands with the people; Maidan participants wish last farewell to the perished Heroes (Heavenly Hundred)_. „

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