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Ludwig Boltzmann’s birthday

Ludwig Boltzmann’s birthday

Ludwig Boltzmann’s birthday

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OTD in 1844: Ludwig Eduard Boltzmann was born (February 20, 1844 – September 5, 1906).

Austrian physicist who founded statistical mechanics. After obtaining his doctorate, he became an assistant to his teacher Josef Stefan. Boltzmann’s fame is based on his invention of statistical mechanics, independently of Willard Gibbs. Their theories connected the properties and behaviour of atoms and molecules with the large scale properties and behaviour of the substances of which they were the building blocks. He also worked out a kinetic theory of gases, and the Stefan-Boltzmann law concerning a relationship between the temperature of a body and the radiation it emits. His firm belief and defense of atomism (that all matter is made of atoms) against hostile opposition to this new idea, may have contributed to his suicide in 1906. via Today in Science

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