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Anthony Tollin’s birthday

Anthony Tollin’s birthday

Anthony Tollin’s birthday

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Anthony Tollin (born 20 February 1952, USA) was a comic-book colorist from the mid-1970s through the 1990s. He was a production artist for DC Comics for much of that time, and also colored for Marvel, Topps, Disney, and others.

Tollin is a noted authority on pulps and old-time radio, particularly ‘The Shadow’. He currently publishes Sanctum Books, reprinting classic pulp stories of ‘The Shadow’, ‘Doc Savage’, ‘The Spider’, and others.

Tollin’s wife was Adrienne Roy (1953–2010), who had also been a comics colorist.

In the GCD —

(Larry Mahlstedt and Dick Giordano drew and Tollin colored the cover of “Tales of the Legion of Super-Heroes” #314, August 1984, the first issue of that title)

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