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Andy Diggle’s birthday

Andy Diggle’s birthday

Andy Diggle’s birthday

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Andy Diggle (born 22 February 1971, UK) was an editor from the late 1990s, eventually editing “2000 AD” and “Judge Dredd”. He also wrote stories for the magazines.

From 2003 to 2008, he wrote for DC Comics. He wrote mini-series featuring ‘Adam Strange’, ‘Batman’, and ‘Green Arrow’.

For the Vertigo imprint, he and artist Jock (Mark Simpson) created “The Losers” (2003–2006), very loosely based on Robert Kanigher’s 1969 creation set in World War II. The popular series won an Eagle Award in 2004 and was adapted to film in 2010.

Diggle moved to Marvel to take over “Thunderbolts” (2009), followed by a run of ‘Daredevil’ stories (2009–2011).

He continues to write for IDW, Image, DC Comics, and others.

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(Francesco Mattina painted the cover of “Thunderbolts” #126, January 2009, the first issue written by Diggle)

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