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First documentary mention of Braşov

First documentary mention of Braşov

First documentary mention of Braşov

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The first documentary mention of the city of Braşov

23 February 1271


Brașov (German: Kronstadt, Hungarian: Brassó, ) is a city in Romania and the capital of Brașov County, located in the central part of the country. It is surrounded by the Southern Carpathians and is part of the Transylvania region. The city was first attested in 1235 AD under the name Corona, a Latin word meaning crown, a name given by the German colonists.

The city is notable for being the birthplace of the national anthem of Romania and for hosting the Golden Stag International Music Festival. Brașov benefits from a winter tourism season centered on winter sports and other activities. Poiana Brașov is the most popular Romanian ski resort and an important tourist center preferred by many tourists from other European states.

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