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Slade’s We’ll Bring The House Down was released

Slade’s We'll Bring The House Down was released

Slade’s We’ll Bring The House Down was released

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We’ll Bring The House Down is the #ninth #studio #album by English #rock #band Slade. It was released on 13 March 1981 and entered the UK charts at number 25. This was due to the Reading Festival success the previous year, when they had stood in for heavy metal singer Ozzy Osbourne. Slade got exactly what they needed, and received a huge amount of notoriety from the concert. All of a sudden, as if overnight, they were now deemed ‘cool’. Their record company didn’t take long to jump on their success either, and released a sharp compilation Slade Smashes! which reached the #20 spot.

As this album was released almost a month after their Reading appearance, there was little time to record new tracks, so some of the tracks were recycled from their failed Return to Base album of the previous year.

The sleeve shows a Slade ‘fist’ bursting through a shield with four diagonal stripes on it. According to the band this is supposed to signify „four royal bastards”, although in heraldic terms this is not strictly correct.

The album was remastered in 2007 and included the remainder of tracks from Return to Base and 3 non-album bonus tracks.

The album peaked at #473 for 1981 on rateyourmusic.

Both tracks „Dizzy Mamma” and „Nuts Bolts and Screws” were especially remixed by the band at Portland Studios in London for this album.[4][5]

The album artwork featured the new Slade logo which was created by Slade’s manager and producer Chas Chandler.

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