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Giovanni Schiaparelli’s birthday

Giovanni Schiaparelli’s birthday

Giovanni Schiaparelli’s birthday

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Today in 1835 – Giovanni Virginio Schiaparelli was born (14 March 1835 – 4 July 1910).

Italian astronomer who is remembered for his observations of Mars over seven oppositions and named the „seas” and „continents”. In 1877, he saw on the surface of the planet Mars the markings that he called canali (channels), later misinterpreted as „canals.” He made extensive studies, both observational and theoretical, of comets, determining from the shapes of their tails that there was a repulsive force from the sun. He showed that meteor swarms travel through space in cometary orbits. He explained the regular meteor showers as the result of the dissolution of comets and proved it for the Perseids. He suggested that Mercury and Venus rotate on their axes, discovered the asteroid Hesperia (1861) and was a major observer of double stars. Via TiS.

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