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Carlo Ambrosini’s birthday

Carlo Ambrosini’s birthday

Carlo Ambrosini’s birthday

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Carlo Ambrosini (born 15 April 1954, Italy) is a comics creator whose career began in 1976 at Dardo, drawing war stories. He also published at Editoriale Corno, Ediperiodici, and Mondadori.

He drew some episodes of the western feature “Ken Parker” at Bonelli, written by Giancarlo Berardi. He has also drawn and written episodes of “Dylan Dog”.

Ambrosini created the medieval feature ‘Nico Macchia’ in “Orient Express” (from 1984) and “Napoleone” (1997–2006)

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(Ambrosini created the cover art on “Speciale Tex” #19, July 2005)

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