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Patrick McDonnell’s birthday

Patrick McDonnell’s birthday

Patrick McDonnell’s birthday

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Patrick McDonnell (born 17 March 1956, USA) is an artist whose career began in the late 1970s as a freelance illustrator.

He drew cartoons for Russell Baker’s column in the “New York Times” (1978–1993) and regularly contributed to “Sports Illustrated”, “Forbes”, and other national magazines.

He created the strip ‘Bad Baby’ in “Parents Magazine” (1984–1994) and worked on the animated film adaptation (1997) that featured Jim Belushi and Kathleen Turner.

With Karen O’Connell, he wrote “Krazy Kat: The Comic Art of George Herriman” (Abrams, 1986).

McDonnell created his best-known work, the syndicated strip ‘Mutts’ in 1994 — both the strips and book collections are widely translated.

Inspired by both Herriman’s ‘Krazy Kat’ and Charles Shultz’s ‘Peanuts’, ‘Mutts’ also delights in spoofing popular culture and modern fine art. A “Mutts” animation is currently in development.

In 2009, he illustrated a book by Eckhart Tolle laying out Tolle’s philosophy of the role of other animals in the mental and spiritual lives of humans.

In 2011, he published “Me…Jane”, a children’s book about the early life of Jane Goodall, created in cooperation with Goodall herself. It was adapted into an animated short in 2015.

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(McDonnell created the cover art on “Mutts” #1, June 1996)

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