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Ruth Irene Brant’s birthday

Ruth Irene Brant’s birthday

Ruth Irene Brant’s birthday

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Ruth Irene Brant (25 March 1921 – 18 June 2011, USA) graduated from Barnard College in 1943 and in the late 1950s began working at DC Comics.

She was a writer and editor on the romance line, taking over from Zena Brody (10 March 1928 – 12 June 1971). The GCD has credits for her in “Secret Hearts” and “Girls’ Love Stories”.

Brant left DC and moved to North Dakota in 1959, to care for her mother. She later married and lived in Arizona.

Obituary at —

In the GCD —

(Tony Abruzzo may have drawn the cover of “Secret Hearts” #40, June-July 1957, which Brant edited)

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