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Brian Bolland’s birthday

Brian Bolland’s birthday

Brian Bolland’s birthday

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Brian Bolland (born 26 March 1951, UK) began his career as a comics artist in the 1970s, in fanzines and underground comics.

Working for an agency, he and Dave Gibbons drew a Nigerian super-hero feature (1975–1977) that Bolland describes as “the very best kind of training ground” for graphic story-telling.

He drew ‘Judge Dredd’ in “2000 AD” from shortly after its creation in 1977 through 1981. He helped define the visual appearance of the feature and created characters as diverse as Judge Anderson and Walter the Wobot.

Bolland was one of the ‘British Invasion’ artists who began working in the USA market from about 1979. He has primarily been a cover artist, producing elegant, expressive images that are widely popular.

He drew the Mike Barr story “Camelot 3000” (1982–1985) at DC Comics, as well as “Batman: The Killing Joke” (1988), the Alan Moore story that notoriously paralyzed Barbara Gordon, the erstwhile Batgirl.

He is particularly known for his long runs of covers on “Animal Man” (1988–1993), “Batman: Gotham Knights” (2000–2004), and “The Invisibles” (1997–2000).

In addition to many more DC titles, he has drawn covers for First Comics, Eclipse Comics, Dark Horse, and other publishers.

Bolland received an Inkpot Award in 1982 and an Eagle Award for Favourite Artist in 1983. Solo and with Alan Moore, he received multiple Eisner Awards and multiple Harvey Awards for “Batman: The Killing Joke” in 1989.

Beginning in 1992, he has received five Eisner Awards for Best Cover Artist. “The Art of Brian Bolland” received the Eisner Award for Best Comics-Related Book in 2007.

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(Bolland created the cover of “A1” #3, 1990)

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