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Today’s Google Doodle

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Saridjah Niung’s birthday

March 26, 1908

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Saridjah Niung’s 109th Birthday

26th March 2017 @ Google in Indonesia

Sukabumi-born Saridjah Niung, better known as Mrs. Soed, was a well-loved musician, teacher, radio announcer, playwright and batik artist in Indonesia. Her music delighted the ears of young children, and to this day, they can be heard singing along to the tune of her most popular songs: ”Hi Pedicab,” “Strong Kids,” and “Butterflies.”

Along with music for kindergarten-aged kids, she was also revered for her patriotic hymns. She wrote masterpieces during the Dutch colonial years about the Japanese occupation and Indonesia’s independence. Mrs. Soed also wrote the Indonesian national anthem “Fatherland,” and “Berkibarlah Benderaku.”

Today, we celebrate Saridjah Niung Soedibjo Star’s artistic contributions on what would have been her 109th birthday.

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