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Jack Elrod’s birthday

Jack Elrod’s birthday

Jack Elrod’s birthday

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Jack Elrod (29 March 1924 – 3 February 2016, USA) joined the US Navy right out of high school, in 1942, and served during World War II and in the early years of the occupation of Japan.

After his service, he attended art school and in 1950 joined the art studio of Ed Dodd. Dodd was a strip cartoonist who had launched ‘Mark Trail’ in 1946. Elrod joined artist Tim Hill and letterer Barbara Chen on the strip’s creative team.

‘Mark Trail’ features a photojournalist whose adventures focus on threats to wildlife and the environment. The Sunday strips are nature lessons, not stories. It has received multiple awards from conservation groups and the US Fish and Wildlife Service has published comics and pamphlets featuring the characters.

Hill was the primary artist on the daily and Sunday strips, Dodd was the writer, and Elrod was the background artist. Dodd retired in 1978, shortly after Hill died, and Elrod took over production of both series.

Elrod added new characters to the cast, had Mark and his long-time girlfriend finally get married, and retired Mark’s trademark tobacco pipe. After his retirement in 2014, his assistant James Allen continued the strip.

Elrod also drew the strip ‘The Ryatts’ from 1965 to 1994.

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(Elrod created the cover art on “Mark Trail in the Smokies”, 1989)

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