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Miron Costin’s birthday

Miron Costin’s birthday

Miron Costin’s birthday

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30 Martie în istoria României


Miron Costin

March 30, 1633 – 1691, Roman


Miron Costin was a Moldavian (Romanian) political figure and chronicler. He was born as the son of a rich Moldavian boyar and spent his earliest years in Poland, where his family had taken refuge from Ottoman violence in Moldavia. His father had become a Polish magnate, which gave Miron the right to study at the Jesuit College in Bar, then at Kamienec Podolski.

He returned to Moldavia in 1653, and became a trainee of the country’s treasury. Valued by the administration, he rose quickly, becoming Vornic in 1669 (overseer of the Court, with several political responsibilities both inside the state and abroad).

His main work, Letopisetul Tarii Moldovei (The Chronicles of the land of Moldavia) was meant to extend Grigore Ureche’s chronicles, covering events from 1594 to 1660. He also wrote Istoria în versuri polone despre Tara Moldovei şi Munteniei (The history in Polish verses of Moldavia and Wallachia), also known under the title Poema polona.

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