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Raymond Macherot’s birthday

Raymond Macherot’s birthday

Raymond Macherot’s birthday

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Raymond Macherot (30 March 1924 – 26 September 2008, Belgium) was a classic artist of the Franco-Belgian school of comics, who created popular features for both “Tintin” and “Spirou”.

After serving in the Royal Navy during World War II, he began working as a journalist. Under the pen-name ‘Zara’, he contributed to the satirical weekly “Pan”.

Macherot was hired by “Tintin” in 1953, first as a writer and occasional artist. He created his first well-known feature there in 1954, ‘Chlorophylle’.

The title character is a detective dormouse and the visual style shows a pastoral, anthropomorphized world. There can be darker themes, though. His publisher waited almost two decades before collecting a “Chlorophylle” sequence featuring carnivorous invaders whose victims are shown as gourmet meals.

Another feature from “Tintin” is ‘Colonel Clifton’, a humorous espionage story that first appeared in 1959. In 1964, Macherot moved his production to “Spirou” with a short-lived feature, ‘Chaminou’.

In 1965, he created his second great feature, ‘Sibylline’, which he produced until his retirement in 1990 (Paul Deliège also wrote scripts, 1972–1976).

The lead character is again a mouse, this time a woman. Her adventures are sometimes supernatural, and the feature has Marcherot’s combination of cute anthropomorphism and sharp-edged, satirical stories.

In 2007, Brussels added the homage ‘Place Sibylline’ to the street sign for Place Saint-Jean/ Sint-Jansplein.

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(Macherot created the cover of “Sibylline” #1, January 1967)

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