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The Treaty of Paris

The Treaty of Paris

The Treaty of Paris

Originally shared by Ed Pearce

The Crimean War was officially ended by the Treaty of Paris, signed on March 30, 1856. The treaty made the Black Sea neutral territory, closing it to all warships, and prohibiting fortifications and the presence of armaments on its shores.

19,600 Britons died in the Crimean War of which 15,700 were due to disease. The British Army lost ten times more troops to dysentery than to battle wounds. However Florence Nightingale and the other nurses succeeded in reducing the Crimean War Hospital death rate from 42% to 2%.

The last survivor of the war was a tortoise: named Timothy, it was a ship’s mascot on HMS Queen which took part in the bombardment of Sevastopol. Timothy died in 2004 aged about 165. Actually, Timothy the Tortoise was a girl.

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