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Christopher Walken’s birthday

Christopher Walken’s birthday

Christopher Walken’s birthday

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March 31st Birthday Spotlight: Christopher Walken is the epitome of „quirky” and we are most grateful. He has vowed to never turn down a role, good or bad, but no matter how poorly-written a part might be, if Walken is portraying the character, it will be worth watching. Who else could have portrayed „Nick” in „The Deer Hunter” (1978), or „Johnny Smith” in „The Dead Zone” (1983), or „Gyp DeCarlo” in „Jersey Boys” (2014), or „The Continental” on „Saturday Night Live”, or any character Ron…….er, Christopher has put his magic touch on? Every performance is truly Walken. In a. Winter. Wonderland.

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  1. Un Actor cu…”FIBRA”!!👏

  2. CELEBRATIONS, cool controversial actor that can take any character and make it his ,good guy or villain, he has several cameos in music videos, also rumored to be the catalyst to the NATALIE WOODS drowning!

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