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F’Murr’s birthday

F’Murr’s birthday

F’Murr’s birthday

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‘F’Murr’ is the pen-name of Richard Peyzaret (born 31 March 1946, France), one of the fresh generation of artists who began their careers in “Pilote” in the 1970s.

First appearing in 1971, he soon created his best-known feature, ‘Le Génie des Alpages’ (1973–1989, 2003–2004). The brief stories of a shepherd, “the Dog Without a Name (an intellectual talking sheepdog), and a flock of eccentric, verbal sheep, led by Romuald the black ram” are more surreal than dramatic.

F’Murr also created ‘Napphtaline’ in “Pilote” (1974) and the humorous historical feature ‘Jehanne d’Arc’ in “Métal Hurlant” (1976, later in “À Suivre”).

During the 1980s, he published a feature about the Soviet occupation of Afghanistan in “À Suivre”, collected as “Le Char de l’Etat — Derape sur le Sentier de la Guerre” (1987).

At Comiclopedia —

Richard Peyzaret in the GCD — (some explicit images)

F’Murr in the GCD — (some explicit images)

(F’Murr created the cover art on “Le Char de l’Etat”, here on a 2006 printing)

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