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Pierre-Paul Prud’hon’s birthday

Pierre-Paul Prud’hon’s birthday

Pierre-Paul Prud’hon’s birthday

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French draftsman and painter Pierre-Paul Prud’hon was born #onthisday in 1758. At the height of his career, he made this nearly life-sized drawing as a model for a painting by his mistress and professional associate, Constance Mayer. The woman in the painting, titled The Happy Mother, gazes adoringly at her nursing infant. Following the writings of Jean-Jacques Rousseau, who popularized and glorified maternity as a natural physical and emotional bond, both artists portrayed feminine tenderness.

Head of a Woman: Study for „The Happy Mother” (L’Heureuse mère), 1810, Pierre-Paul Prud’hon. Black and white chalk, stumped, on blue paper. #art #painting #gettymuseum

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