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Louis Spohr’s birthday

Louis Spohr’s birthday

Louis Spohr’s birthday

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Born on this date in 1784, German composer Louis Spohr. Spohr, as many other composers, was born into and encouraged by a musically talented family. During the first decade of the 19th century, with support from a wealthy baron and under the tutelage of a notable violinist, he produced his first major works and toured widely. He also established a working relationship with Ludwig van Beethoven at this time. By the time of his death in 1859, Spohr had produced nearly 300 works, including 10 symphonies and 15 violin concertos. He is credited with having invented the violin chinrest.

Spohr Violin Concerto in A minor:

Hilary Hahn plays Spohr – Violin concerto № 8 in A minor op. 47 (part 1)

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