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Alan J. Pakula’s birthday

Alan J. Pakula’s birthday

Alan J. Pakula’s birthday

Originally shared by Kenneth Johnson

April 7th Memoriam Spotlight: Alan J Pakula was known as an „actor’s director”, but he was also a masterful writer and producer who gave us some of the most intriguing movies before his life was tragically cut short in a freak accident. Starting with „The Sterile Cuckoo” (1969) and followed by „Klute” (1971) Pakuka helmed features that at worst were different and at best Oscar-worthy. Who would have guessed that two hours of a handful of people talking to newspaper reporters would be as gripping as „All The Presidents Men” (1976)? From „Sophie’s Choice” (1982), to „Presumed Innocent” (1990), to „The Pelican Brief” 1993) and many others, Pakula’s direction provided amazing stories and performances.

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