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Claire Bretécher’s birthday

Claire Bretécher’s birthday

Claire Bretécher’s birthday

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Claire Bretécher (born 7 April 1940, France) is a comics creator whose career began in the early 1960s. She came to prominence as the artist for ‘Le Facteur Rhésus’ by René Goscinny (in “L’Os à Moelle, 1963).

Through the mid-1970s, she published in magazines from “Spirou” to “Pep”. At “Pilote” she created ‘Cellulite’ (1969–1977), in which she satirized the excesses of feminism.

With Gotlib (Marcel Gottlieb) and Nikita Mandryka, she co-founded “L’Écho des Savanes” in 1972 to publish satirical work for an adult audience.

Bretécher created her best-known work in 1973 at “Le Nouvel Observateur”, ‘Les Frustrés’. Full of social and gender commentary, the series occasionally caused a stir among more conservative readers.

From 1988, she produced ‘Agrippine’, stories of an “unimpressed teenager”. After she self-published the first volumes, the series was continued by Hyphen and then Dargaud. The feature was adapted for television in 2001.

Bretécher retired from comics in 2009 and continues to paint. She was married to Guy Carcassone (1951–2013) and has a son.

In 1975, she received the Best French Author award at Angoulême. In 1987, she received the Adamson Award (from the Swedish Academy of Comic Art) for Best International Comic Book Cartoonist. In 1999, she received the Humour Award at Angoulême.

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(Bretécher created the cover art on “De gefrustreerden” #1, 1979, a German collection of ‘Les Frustrés’)

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